Holiday Hazards

The sounds, sights, and smells of the holidays fill us with warmth and joy. However, they can also pose potential dangers to our pets.

Chocolate, desserts, and decadent holiday meals are irresistible to our canine family members. Unfortunately, chocolate ingestion can cause a range of issues such as vomiting, diarrhea, restlessness, muscle tremors, elevated heart rate, and secondary pancreatitis. While all chocolate should be avoided, unsweetened baking chocolate and cocoa powder are the most toxic.

In addition to chocolate, sharing portions of your holiday meal can also lead to trouble. If you want to treat your dogs this Christmas, give them an appropriate chew toy or a small amount of canned food instead of turkey and stuffing.

What cat can resist climbing the Christmas tree or playing with a piece of holiday ribbon? Cats also chew on electrical cords which can cause severe oral burns, pulmonary edema, and possible electrocution. If swallowed, tinsel and curling ribbon can cause a range of internal issues. To avoid potential hazards, make sure your tree is secure, the ornaments are out of reach, and cords are not accessible.

While most of us enjoy visitors over the holidays, your cat may not. Cats tend to appreciate a quiet place to sleep, eat, and use the litter box—away from the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Keep this in mind when planning your holiday party or family get-together.

Lastly, we can't forget about fireworks on New Years Eve. If your dog is anxious around loud noises, please call the clinic and ask about the new medication Sileo. It's a fast-acting treatment for canine noise aversion associated with fear and anxiety.

Keep these holiday safety tips in mind to ensure that your pets stay safe. From our Four Paws family to yours, we wish you a very merry holiday season and a Happy New Year!