Peggy Olson Warzel Petersen is a 3-year-old beautiful mutt, some mix of shepherd and border collie and who knows what else. She was rescued from a kill shelter in Georgia as a puppy and taken up to New York with her three siblings, which is where we originally adopted her. She was a great city dog — she loved street garbage! — but she loves Montana most of all. She loves destroying toys, eating vegetables (broccoli ends are her favorite), romping on the leashless trails in the Rattlesnake, and swimming in the Clark Fork.

Back in June, Peggy chased after a deer and was hit by a car, paralyzing her hind legs. She recovered her mobility, but residual nerve damage led to the amputation of her hind leg in October. A month after surgery, and she is as active and happy as ever — and gets lots of love on our street, which happens to have two other "tripawds." We're so grateful to all the staff at Four Paws for seeing Peggy through the surgery (and a recovery that involved daily vet visits). She loves Four Paws so much that when we turn off Reserve, she gets so excited. Peggy + Four Paws 4EVER